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Some parts of your body can – unintentionally – get in the way. Considering that male gear is remarkably designed to be between two of our most active limbs (the legs) and the fact that some men sag more than others, it can take some effort to get everything in an upright and locked position. hold. This certainly applies to all men, including gay men.

Of the many things gay men are honest about, the underpants are perhaps one of the most important. And we're not just talking about strings, but also about underwear types such as  backless briefsboxershortsbriefs and jockstraps. You wear it every day, it supports some of your best features and thanks to designers like Andrew Christian you don't have to worry about boxers or briefs being your only style options. Andrew Christian is sassy and shameless in his underwear collection. This extremely popular underwear brand has bold styles and daring fits.

Iconic to Andrew Christian is the anatomically correct front pocket that allows the wearer's pack to rest comfortably in the extra space. They offer a wide variety of styles for underwear ranging from briefs to trunks and jockstraps to thongs. Underwear with the words 'Trophy Boy' on the waistband is worn by confident - and perhaps well-endowed - men. Other popular brands are Discover, Ergowear, Jor and Modus Vivendi.

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