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  1. Jor Varsity Thong in Ochre Jor Varsity Thong in Ochre
    Jor Varsity Thong in Ochre
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  2. Jor Varsity Thong in Blue Jor Varsity Thong in Blue
    Jor Varsity Thong in Blue
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    Jor Varsity Thong in Black
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    Jor Geisha Jockstrap
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Thongs are underwear of choice for gay men. Some men like thongs for the same reasons that some women like to wear them. In short it means that: 

  • they feel sexy in it.
  • they love the feel of the material against their skin
  • they think they look better in their clothes with a gay thong.

When it comes to brands, the man has plenty to choose from. Take for example Andrew ChristianClever or Toot. These brands are very popular among men who love thongs.

Now let's take a closer look at the reasons why men like to wear thongs: 

  • Due to its appeal, thongs are the most revealing men's underwear and are probably the sexiest of them all. The way they pamper your skin is incomparable and very appealing.
  • For comfort: you must have heard this before from men who regularly wear thongs, because it is the most comfortable piece of clothing known to man. It is rightly said that due to its small structure and exposed back, it is the most comfortable menswear style. Much also depends on the fabric used in making the sexy clothes. A gay thong enhances the profile using several pouch options.
  • For the sex appeal: Thongs are designed to increase one's sex appeal. The underwear itself is very sexy and takes the man's sex appeal to a whole new level.
  • For ventilation: The construction of this minimal garment allows a lot of air to pass through and ensures adequate ventilation. Hence, gay thongs are considered perfect to wear in the summer months.
  • For motivation: As one of the most desired pieces of clothing, thongs have become a source of motivation for many boys. How? If you want to fit into a pair of thongs and look good, you have to have a physique that suits you. Stay fit to be a thong wearer.
  • For confidence: When everything is in one place and supported there, you have a sense of confidence as you go about your daily activities.
  • Save laundry: Thongs have just a small piece of fabric in the front and only a drawstring in the back, which is a lot less compared to other styles, such as briefs or boxer shorts. That is why cleaning a thong requires less detergent, water and even energy than for all other garments.